Very short hair guy with a blue jacket, probably smiling

Abdelrahman Awad

I'm a JavaScript Engineer @Baianat. I maintain our open-source and guide our web software team with progressive tools using Vue.js and Node.js.


I'm from Egypt. I graduated with a bachelor degree in computer engineering back in 2017.

I started as a C# (C-Sharp) developer. Worked on a few universal Windows and Windows Phone Apps. Then started my career as a backend web developer with PHP. Used Laravel and published a couple of packages for it and continued to use it for a few years until I switched to Node.js.

At that time I was very fond of JavaScript and wanted to make the most out of it. I started using Vue.js when it was 0.12 in my work and 2 years later I published VeeValidate which is now one of the most popular Vue.js libraries. Now I specialize in the JavaScript ecosystem and interested in learning and sharing everything I learn.